Siauliai CCIC provides a wide range of services to companies and individuals.

Verification of the reliability and solvency status of a foreign client and partners

Verification of companies’ reliability and creditworthiness

Under exceptional conditions, we provide Chamber members with detailed reports on creditworthiness, business relationships and financial reporting, from which you will learn the latest financial and legal information:

  • General and statistical data about the company.
  • Data on the company’s managers, shareholders (100%), the board and their changes.
  • Financial indicators of the last five years. Credit rating GOscore, which predicts the probability of bankruptcy of the company in the next 12 months and its history.
  • The ranking of the impact of Covid-19 on companies, which reveals the level of risk of the impact of the pandemic on individual sectors of the economy and the companies working in them.
  • We recommend using this rating as an additional guide along with the GOscore credit rating.
  • The company’s credit history (court information, debts, foreclosures).
  • Current and historical connections of company managers, shareholders and board members with other business entities.

More information by e-mail, ph. +370 620 34225

Checking the reliability and solvency status of foreign customers and partners

More about international reports

Also, you can check the reliability and solvency status of your foreign customers and partners. For specific countries, report content and data availability in each country, please contact us by e-mail at, phone: +8 41 525 504.

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