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ReNutriWater – Closing local water circuits by recirculation of nutrients and water and using them in nature

It is a Water-smart Societies -priority project funded by EU’s Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme.

Climate change and environmental pollution make saving water resources crucial also in the BSR. Due to climate change and rising pollution of the environment, freshwater has become more valuable in the Baltic Sea Region. Despite the extensive initial treatment, freshwater is still being discharged after single use in many countries. This practice wastes money, energy, and human labour, which could be reduced with water recovery from wastewater. However, such practice poses some challenges due to specific requirements of reclaimed water quality. The goal is to reduce the risk of the potentially harmful impact of untreated WWTP effluent on the environment and human health. Reclaimed water can be used by local authorities and private entities for various purposes, like street cleaning, carwashes, fountains and pond recharge, recreational area watering, plant breeding, and, after proper treatment, also for domestic use or drinking. The key is to develop solutions for the recovery of safe water, free from pathogens and micropollutants, with the right amount of nutrients. Overcoming the “yuck factor” in society is also crucial. The risk assessment is a necessary tool to create effective protective barriers. This project is meant to tackle these challenges to accelerate policymaking, which would facilitate water reuse implementation in the cities of Europe. This good practice addresses circular economy and SDG #6 “Clean water and sanitation for all”.

Project Partnership

The Lead partner of the project is the Chamber of Economy Polish Waterworks. The initiative has 13 project partners from five countries: Poland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Denmark.

Project implementation period: January 2023 – December 2025

The total budget of ReNutriWater is 3 850 000 euros. SCCIC part 233 400 euros.

The financing source is the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. More about the project can be found in the project website: ReNutriWater – Interreg Baltic Sea Region

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